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Yasuo: - This katana is what I need ^ ^ by WardStrayer
Bilgewater Pool Party by ShiVoodoo
Irelia Maori Goddess by DatMatthiasNguyen
League of Legends Pool Party by ShiVoodoo
Skins that made it
Heartseeker Varus by SuperKusoKao
Kogmaw rudolph by ras-blackfire
Deep Sea Kog'Maw by Pachycephalosaurus36
Katarina - Gangplank's Wench by Melgramn
-A- Aatrox...Azir
Elderwood Aurelion Sol by cheasedragon
Vengeful Spirit Aurelion Sol by cheasedragon
Amumu the Martian by KaSniff
PopStar Annie by slivovayaSva
-BC- Bard...Corki
Star Guardian Braum by VegaNya
Neon Strike Caitlyn by SlownDamn
Caitlyn Piltover Acedemy by BADCOMPZERO
Reaper Bard by DarkMusli
-DE- Darius...Ezreal
Shadow Emissary Ezreal V2.0 by SlownDamn
Dark Star Diana by catdoak
Arcade Ezreal by KatouShinobu
Draven Concepts by UnholyDecadence95
-FG- Fiddlesticks...Graves
Dark Star Fiddlesticks by SkitzOpheliac
Star Guardian Garen by VegaNya
Sweetie Jinx skin lol by aku-no-hana2
Infernal Fiora by variant844
-HIJ- Hecarim...Jinx
Illaoi Pool Party by ShiVoodoo
Illaoi Tentacle Party by ShiVoodoo
Dreadnova Jhin by SlownDamn
Star Guardian Jhin by VegaNya
-K- Kalista...Kog'Maw
Sewn Chaos Kalista by SkitzOpheliac
Slake Moth Kha'Zix by LeagueOfWeirdness
Phoenix Empress Karma by UnholyDecadence95
Vandal Katarina by z-010
-L- LeBlanc...Lux
LoL skin concept: Demon Leona by Shockowaffel
LoL skin concept: Radiant Leona by Shockowaffel
Why do i have to wear this ?!? by DrNekobox
summer lulu yeah!!! by sweetpaintfandub
-M- Malphite...Morgana
Star Guardian Malzahar by LeagueOfWeirdness
Coconut Drink by Telipe
Arclight Miss Fortune - Skin concept by FKDemetri
Morgana - League of Legends by orangesekaii
-NO- Nami...Orianna
~ Deep Sea Nami ~ by LiseWasTaken
-PQR- Pantheon...Ryze
Pool Party Riven by OlchaS
-S- Sejuani...Syndra
Midnight Soraka skin concept by JeanLeeArt
-T- Taliyah...Twitch
Heartseeker Tristana by SlownDamn
-UV- Udyr...Volibear
Frost Varus by Kureiyah
-WX- Warwick...Xin Zhao
Astronaut Xerath by DragonBreath75
-YZ- Yasuo...Zyra
LoL skin concept: Cosmic Zac by Shockowaffel


Hope you all had some cosy holidays! Here's some of our members snowy concepts!

Frosty the Snow-Zac by ConceptuLoL
Slay Belle Jinx by Haeaswen
Kalista, the Spear of Xmas by Acemoore

Also, do check out :iconenchanted-enigma:'s lovely and many different advent cards!
LoL Advent 2014 - Day 2 - Braum by enchanted-enigmaLoL Advent 2014 - Day 23 - Gnar by enchanted-enigmaLoL Advent 2014 - Day 7 - Irelia by enchanted-enigma
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