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Hope you all had some cosy holidays! Here's some of our members snowy concepts!

Frosty the Snow-Zac by ConceptuLoL
Slay Belle Jinx by Haeaswen
Kalista, the Spear of Xmas by Acemoore

Also, do check out :iconenchanted-enigma:'s lovely and many different advent cards!
LoL Advent 2014 - Day 2 - Braum by enchanted-enigma LoL Advent 2014 - Day 23 - Gnar by enchanted-enigma LoL Advent 2014 - Day 7 - Irelia by enchanted-enigma
warwick-Kruger by solidevo Vinx by Audranasa
League of Legends: Mad Cheshire Ziggs (skin) by Red-Sinistra Laboratory Twitch Skin Idea by Kitsune-mizu2
LOL-Puppet Theatre Mordekaiser by Evaison candyman jinx - LoL by chiihun
Poro-Snax Monster Mundo by ConceptuLoL Necromancer Azir by wesnothas
Raven-Beast Talon by RegalClaw Annie Idea Skin #1 - Happy Harrowing 2014! by SummonnerYuna
Gnar Halloween by Adelfa3 Gnar wishes Happy Halloween 2014! by SummonnerYuna
Heartseeker Varus by SuperKusoKao
Ahri Charm Skin by VickyInu Cupid Ashe | League of Legends by Jynxed-Art Trundle in Love by dmresil
Cupid Janna by BlueTeardrop LoL: Valentine Janna (Draw this Again entry) by BillW9999 [Skin] Heartseeker Karma by DianaZequeda
Valentine Katarina by KindCoffee Finding Love Orianna by Za-Leep-Per Heart Seeker Irelia by dutomaster
Valentine Zac Skin Idea. by Nervousgamer Teemo Cupido by Kariom Valentines Riven by oak-ashes
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